The Difference between Lineman and Receiver Gloves Explained

  • Different gloves are being used by football players
  • This article will differentiate the gloves of Lineman and Receiver
  • These gloves aren’t just an accessory to the players

Different gloves are being used by football players; there’s a glove intended for receivers, while lineman players have their own specific glove. As we know, these gloves have the same goal; and that is to protect the hands from injury and have a great grip and control on the ball. These gloves aren’t just an accessory to the players; it also helps them in getting scores.


In this article, we will differentiate the gloves of Lineman and Receiver and how does it works during the game.

Receiver Gloves

Both receivers and running backs are required to use the best set of receiver gloves because they need to have a good control and grip to the ball. When you look into the features of a receiver gloves, you’ll see an enhanced and great palm grip which will really hold the ball for long. Moreover, it also contains an extended tack or clip from the palm, thumb and around the fingers.

Lineman Gloves

Have you ever wonder why most lineman gloves are more expensive? Well, basically, lineman players take the hardest hits on the football ground. That’s why most manufacturers sold these lineman gloves with an expensive price because it is very difficult to build. Manufacturers aim to protect the hands of the players against hyperextension, abrasion, and other hand injuries.

How to get the best football gloves?

If you really want to get the best football gloves, then you must know you’re goal inside the field. You also have to understand what type of football gloves you want to use because it’s not practical different types of gloves without knowing your position and goal. You can search on Dans football blog to know better about different types of football gloves and its uses.

Overall, football players should make sure that they’re wearing the best pair of gloves in order to prevent hand injuries to happen.

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