January 2017


What Makes A Good Tactical Knife?

Tactical knives have been seeing an increase in sales in the past few years, maybe because people are finally seeing the difference between a “regular knife” and a combat knife. A lot of people are also purchasing/carrying it because they see it as a tool for self defense. Some will argue that it’s better than a gun. But regardless of the reason, it’s a handy tool to have around.


So what makes a good tactical knife? First off, the design of tactical knives should be practical. It must fit its purpose. What good will a flashy design be if just hinders you from using the knife for its intended purpose. Many knife manufacturers design a tactical knife according to how it’s used.

Another thing to consider is the ergonomics. The knife should feel comfortable when you are holding it. Otherwise, what’s the point in using it? Avoid convoluted contours in the handle as it will not provide a solid grip. Finger grooves that will force your fingers in a pre-fixed position are also a no-no. Also, a knife shouldn’t be too big. You’re not holding a sword! A great tactical knife should fit you in all aspects, size, shape and weight.

A tactical knife can be broken down into 2 parts, the blade and the handle. Now, for it to be good, it has to be made of the finest materials. For example, the blade has to be made of high quality stainless steel. If you see a knife priced at $4.99, you better believe it is not made of high quality materials. The price point will always reflect the materials it is made of.

Lastly, the best identifier of a high quality tactical knife is the maker itself. Always make sure that the maker of the knife has a good reputation. In this industry, reputation is king. If a company is known to make high quality knives, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the knife you are buying is made with great quality materials.

So before buying a tactical knife, make sure to keep these things in mind.


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